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residential air duct cleaning new jersey

Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey wants to help you breathe easy. The indoor air in most residential and commercial environments is constantly exposed to airborne particles from ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems. This results in the growth of mold and mildew, causing dust, dander, and other contaminants to circulate. Living with pets or smokers also puts an added strain on any air filtration system. Let us professionally clean your air ducts. We perform a complete visual inspection of your entire HVAC system to make sure there are no leaks or damages to the ductwork in your system, which is measured by our air flow meter. We remove all the supply and return vents to make sure they are properly cleaned. Your system is thoroughly cleaned by our powerful HEPA vacuum with a lined hose and our own specially designed spiral brush. Your furnace, fan motors, and coils are also completely cleaned with proper HVAC cleaning solutions that are all EPA approved.

Air Duct Home Services In New Jersey

Is there a high accumulation of dust in your home? Is coughing or sneezing associated with the cycling of your central AC system? These problems might stem from dirty ductwork, which is often the result of contamination from dust, dirt, and other pollutants. Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air can help with professional air duct cleaning services to keep your ducts and indoor air quality free from dangerous pollutants. Because the reasons for a polluted system can vary, we offer a variety of air duct cleaning services catered to each project. Our technicians will thoroughly assess your ductwork and come up with a plan to efficiently clean the ducts – without contaminating the rest of your home.

Signs of Dirty Ductwork:

Know Your Ductwork

The majority of homeowners have little knowledge (or interest) regarding their ductwork system. But if you’re having problems with your ducts, it’s important to have a basic idea of how they operate and the material used to manufacture them. Ductwork is an integral part of an HVAC system – and becoming familiar with it will help in the event of future problems. Ducts are the pathway for the conditioned air (from the air conditioner or heater) to circulate through the home. An HVAC system is connected to two main ducts that help distribute the air. The first one, the supply duct, directs the conditioned air throughout the house. The second one, the return duct, removes the air from your home, returning it to the system where it is conditioned; starting the process over again. There are three types of ducts common in homes with modern HVAC units:

Insulated Flexible Duct

This type of duct is constructed from a flexible material that comes in sheets of different sizes and insulating values. It is easier to install compared to sheet metal, but not as energy-efficient. The relatively low cost and flexibility has made it a popular choice for modern builds.

Sheet Metal Duct

This type of duct is constructed from galvanized steel formed into a rectangular or round shape. It was the most common type of duct in American homes for several decades until the cheaper flexible duct was introduced into the market.

Fiberglass Duct Board

This type of duct is constructed from fiberglass boards that are cut and squared to form a box shape. The pieces are joined to form ducts – through which the air flows. The fiberglass type has a high insulating value, but it is not as durable than the other options on the market.

residential air duct cleaning in new jersey

Air Duct Services In New Jersey

The air ducts are easily forgotten, but they are an essential part of an HVAC system. A damaged or dirtied set of ducts can be the source of inefficiency or performance issues in your heater or air conditioner. Instead of guessing whether your ducts are to blame, trust to our technicians to perform thorough duct testing for you. We’ll be able to determine if the ducts need duct sealing, repairs or replacement, or just professional duct cleaning services. Our goal is for you to experience the freshest air circulating throughout your home or office. When duct cleaning has been completed, we sanitize your entire system with a nontoxic, odorless solution, which is also EPA approved. Our comprehensive services include: