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A professional cleaning of your home or commercial air duct system is imperative for optimum efficiency of your HVAC system and purity of your air. Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey proudly serves New Jersey for all their air duct needs. We go above and beyond other companies to get you the cleanest possible air ducts.

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customer’s home Indoor Air Quality

It is recommended that homes with pets or children and family members with allergies should schedule professionally cleaned air duct services more often than the recommended averages. Many loved ones, especially the elderly and children, may suffer from many different respiratory conditions including allergies or asthma. They are highly vulnerable when it comes to indoor air pollution and the effects of contaminants from your home. Many health experts agree and encourage regular and proper maintenance of air ducts for its many different health benefits.

Here at Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey we provide exceptional specialists who are certified technicians and have experience and training to clean your home of harmful contaminants. Our exclusive vacuum cleaning and compressor systems pulls air duct particles into a filtration system. It is contained so efficiently that it is capable of picking up debris smaller in diameter than one can imagine. Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey is a professional indoor air quality company made up of a team of specialists providing New Jersey with cleaner, healthier indoor air for both business and home.

Locally Owned

Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey was founded in New Jersey and understands the local codes you are legally required to follow.

Quality Work

We believe in doing a job the right way the first time so that you do not have to call us back until your next maintenance appointment.

Professional Team

Our team consists of experienced industry leaders who are highly trained and certified in all areas of services that we provide.


We at Air Duct Cleaning NJ believe that our services are imperative to a better quality of life, therefore, we work hard to keep our prices affordable.

Security & Comfort Dryer Vents

Dryer Vents can be professionally cleaned for your security by our ductwork specialists. Our company employs technicians who specialize in cleaning dryer vents and ductwork. They come to each home service with tools they’ve been specially trained to reach deep down into dryer vents and clean up all debris and build-up in the lining. Technicians will provide detailed care throughout the dryer venting pipe. They will clean throughout the pipe, including the problematic areas in the different elbows and bends throughout it all the way down to the dryer unit. A Vacuum will be used to eradicate any loose debris and other specialty scraping tools for more solid masses. A long vacuum will be inserted into the ventilation pipe to eradicate any debris causing blockage within the venting pipe. Special care is taken in each service to provide exceptional results.

Call Air Duct Cleaning New Jersey today for your free dryer ventilation cleaning quote! Costs will be varied for the dryer ventilation cleaning service selected. The length of each dryer venting system typically ranges from 5 to 40 feet depending on where the appliance is located, and the time required for each proper cleaning varies depending on each service.

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Air Duct Replacement Or New One?

When it comes to your air duct system, repair is not always optional or the best option when it comes to your system. For many cases replacing part of your ductwork, or your entire system, may be in your highest best course of action. When air ducts are old, damaged, the electric utilities are high, and When the ducts and insulation are beyond repair, Call the New Jersey areas friendliest air duct replacement professionals and count on our team to learn more about what options may be best. We’ll happily send a professional to thoroughly inspect your system and determine if an air duct replacement or repair is the best option for your home or business. A major reason we would encourage air duct replacement, is if the current system was poorly designed and installed to begin with. We prefer to begin helping by identifying any problems with your ductwork, and then want to offer you the greatest options when it comes to upgrades. There may be no problem with the condition of your air ducts, though the greatest way to get the outstanding performance from your ductwork is to ensure it has been installed and designed effectively. Multiple twists dead ends in your duct system can be a leading cause for your HVAC equipment to work much harder than is necessary. Let us help you improve your system and cut out the higher heating and cooling costs that may be potentially damaging your entire system.

Do you really need dryer vent cleaned?

Dryer duct cleaning prevents dangerous levels of build up and greatly reduces the risk of a fire. Dryer vents should be cleaned by a professional specializing in cleaning dryer ducts. These professionals have the proper training and tools to properly reach deep into the dryers duct work in order to clean all the lint and debris build up of that occurs along the inside of the dryer duct.

Is your dryer duct length is greater than 25 feet? This actually slows the airflow. Many newer homes often are designed with the laundry room away from an exterior wall. For example, in a closet in a hallway. While this is a convenient placement for the homeowner it can be a potential hazard. With this setup the vents run greater distances with more turns, which makes your dryer work harder and creates more places for lint to collect. Add five feet for each 90-degree bend when calculating your duct length.

When was your dryer duct work last cleaned or inspected? If your dryer duct has not been inspected and cleaned in over a year, it can become clogged and/or crushed, causing lint to build up.
Does your dryer have a thin, flexible foil duct? These can kink and stop air flow. We highly recommend using solid metal tubing at least four inches in diameter for better airflow, but we can clean any setup you currently have.
Does your dryer has flexible plastic or vinyl ducts? It’s inexpensive, but plastic duct work is no longer code-approved.
Do you have a large family and use the dryer often?
Is Your Dryer Putting Your Home at Risk? If you meet one or more of the below criteria we highly recommend having your system inspected as soon as possible.

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